Best Coffee Shop In Malioboro

Located right in the center historical street, is the wonderful Kala Jumpa Cafe, which is part of Yogyakarta’s modern and spacious hotel, The Aveta Hotel Malioboro.

With its minimalist exterior, Kala Jumpa Cafe has a really calm and inviting atmosphere to it; with its cozy lighting and atmosphere, and smiling, friendly baristas, it’s a joy to step inside. Kala Jumpa Café is the perfect spot for light brunch, lunch, or dinner, or even just to pop in for a quick coffee before hitting the shops or historical places on Malioboro Street. Kala Jumpa has an expansive menu, which, for the area, is incredibly well-priced.

Serving up some of the best beverages in Malioboro Street, Kala Jumpa Café serves wide range of beverages from the coffee selection with the finest beans sourced from all around Indonesia, to the healthy juice and vegan drinks that reflect the healthy and environmentally-conscious lifestyle, to tea selections, fresh juices, coconut-based signature drinks, and traditional drinks, Wedang, Kala Jumpa is an absolute gem in the Malioboro beverages scene.

Kala Jumpa Café also offers some of the most delicious traditional and international dishes in Malioboro for those who are looking for the best spot for lunch or dinner; there is everything from snacks, and soup, all the way to international dish Chicken Schnitzel and Spaghetti Carbonara or the infamous traditional dish Mie Godhog Maleo or Sop Buntut Aveta.

Whether you are staying at The Aveta Hotel Malioboro or not, a trip to Kala Jumpa is essential for anyone who finds themselves craving coffee or traditional or international dish whilst exploring historical Malioboro Street.

Kala Jumpa Café
1st Floor - Aveta Hotel Malioboro
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM daily